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Being Green is Second Nature to Us

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When you spend as much time with your hands in the earth as we do, you learn to understand its needs and respect its boundaries. Our environmental values date back 35 years. They’re rooted in time-proven farming methods that help maintain the earth’s natural balance.  But that doesn’t mean we shy away from modern practices. We use the latest thinking to enhance our environmental controls so that we can become even better stewards of the land we rely on every day.

Over the years our environmental initiatives have included:

  • Building Canada’s largest biogas plant that turns more than 120,000 tons of potato waste into methane gas every year. This provides approximately 1/3 of the total thermal energy needed to run one of our production facilities and reduces its fossil fuel consumption by 50%.
  • Growing and producing more earth-friendly potatoes, like the Prospect variety. It needs less fertilizer and less soil fumigation than other potato varieties because it’s more resistant to field diseases. So it has a lower impact on the environment while offering the same great taste you’ve come to love. By using Prospect potatoes in many of our products, we’re reducing our environmental footprint one tater at a time!
  • Forming Energy Efficiency Teams to identify ways to reduce energy consumption in our facilities.
  • Finding more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to work the land.
  • Participating in provincial packaging recycling stewardship programs. 

At Cavendish Farms, being green isn’t just good business. It also means we can grow healthier, better tasting potatoes.