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The Irving Group



Cavendish Farms is a member of the Irving Group of Companies -
a family-owned organization whose commitment to quality products
and services dates back over 130 years.

The Irving Group's interests include:

Cavendish Produce is a grower and packer of quality fresh potatoes for retail and food service markets.
Irving Personal Care manufactures baby diapers and training pants for North American retailers.
Irving Forest Products owns or manages six million acres of timberland in Canada and Maine.
Irving Pulp and Paper produces the highest quality pulp in the world.
Irving Tissue makes household paper products such as Royale and Majesta (Canada) and Scotties (U.S.).
Midland Group offers a wide variety of transportation and distribution services.
Cavendish Agri Services support farmers in growing healthy and productive crops.
Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is one of Canada’s most important shipbuilding firms and a key supplier to the Royal Canadian Navy.

For more information on any of these companies, please visit www.jdirving.com.