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Our Green Story


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There are many shades of green, but only one CAVENDISH GREEN.

Our environmental values are rooted in tried and tested farming and operating principles that have been enhanced by modern thinking and ingenuity. The reality is we've been nurturing and growing our Cavendish Green ideas for over 30 years. Whether it's using potato by-products to create new sources of renewable energy, forming "Energy Efficiency Teams" to identify ways to reduce energy consumption or looking at the agricultural industry as a whole to find more efficient and environmentally friendlier ways to work the land, you can be confident that our Green practices are not only good for us, but good for you, your customers and the environment too.

Cavendish Farms Biogas Plant

Cavendish Farms is committed to seeking new opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment. In June of 2009, Cavendish Farms became the first potato processor to convert solid waste residues to bio-methane gas via an anaerobic digestion process. The bio-methane gas is then burned in our boilers resulting in a significant decrease in the use of fossil fuels. At the time of construction, the new state-of-the-art Bio-Fuel Facility was the largest of its kind in North America and the second largest in the World.

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Bio-Gas Facility 

Environmental responsibility of the Cavendish Farms Prospect potato

One of the leading processor of frozen potato products, Cavendish Farms offers customers a golden opportunity:  an environmentally friendly potato variety that is consistent in quality. The potato variety, Prospect, for which Cavendish Farms has exclusive world-wide rights, has a proven track record with seven years in commercial production and 12 years in a research program.

The Prospect potato offers the same high quality and unbeatable taste as other types of potatoes, but it is earlier maturing than Russet Burbank, requires less fertilizer and no soil fumigation because of its resistance to most field diseases. Overall, Prospect has a lower impact on the environment while offering the same great taste!