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Cavendish Farms®

At Cavendish Farms® we take pride in producing the best frozen potato products. We use only top quality potatoes from North America’s best growing regions, with time-tested processes to ensure culinary excellence, consistency and unbeatable taste every single day.
Clear Coat Call Out

Clear Coat

Customers love golden fries with a real buttery taste and that’s exactly what Clear Coat delivers. Our proprietary recipe ensures these fries provide an unbeatable taste every time.
Fine Coat Callout

Fine Coat™

All the advantages of a traditional fry with the benefits of a coated fry. Its amazing invisible batter provides extended hold times and crispness while locking in the great potato flavor.


Flavor Crisp 

Flavor Crisp offers the best of our seasoned and spicy options. Enjoy our unique seasonings offering consistent flavor and zesty taste every time.
FreshCut Call out


For the authentic appearance and unbeatable taste of premise-made potatoes with all the advantages of frozen, nothing beats Cavendish Farms FreshCut.

Jersey Shore

Cavendish Farms® has partnered with the Jersey Shore Fry Company to bring their quality products to establishments looking for a true signature product.