Profitability Tools

At Cavendish Farms we are committed to providing our customers the very best in product innovation, impeccable customer service, commitment to the environment and an outstanding product range that will satisfy and surpass our customers' expectations. We’re proud of the products that we produce, and feel that our products are equal to or superior than others you'll find in the market place. Our goal is to stand out from the crowd. We have to be outstanding in everything we do – from the way we make our products to the way we help educate our customers.

On this page we've included some quality tools of the trade so you can maximize the benefits of having a Cavendish Farms product on your menu, from taste to yield – and profits. This series of valuable information sheets offer helpful selling tips, guidance on customized menu solutions, and general French fry knowledge. There’s a lot to know - let's get started!

French Fry Selling Solutions: At Cavendish Farms, we are "customer focused in everything we do". We offer our customers more than just frozen potato and appetizer products - we offer extensive product knowledge and profitable menu solutions. Learn more here.

Maximize Yield/Maximize Profit: French fries are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase sales and improve profits! French Fries are quick and easy to prepare and provide low food cost to foodservice establishments. Cavendish Farms offers frozen French fry products in a variety of shapes, coatings, and styles. Not all French fries are the same. Learn more here.

French Fry Grading & Cut Sizes:  Grading of French fries classifies each product into categories from highest quality premium products to more value propositions. Cut size affects cook time, hold time and plate coverage. Discover which products best suit your needs. Learn more here. 

Increase Profits With Topped-Up Fries
: Fries with toppings are one of the hottest menu items in the appetizer category. Discover how to increase your bottom line by topping up with Cavendish Farms Premium French Fries. Your customers will be coming back for more. Learn more here (US).