By Type

Coated or uncoated, brined or homestyle, we're confident that one of our high quality products will suit your needs and your customer’s tastes.



When you serve a coated potato product it does two very important things; enhances crispiness and extends the time it stays hot and delicious. With different coatings and flavors available, there is something to fit every establishment's need.



Golden in color with real potato taste, select any of these Cavendish Farms uncoated products with confidence. A variety of cut sizes, types and taste profiles are available.



Higher in nutrients, skin on potatoes provide a more natural looking product that is loaded with taste. Available in a variety of cut sizes, there is a quality skin-on option for any meal occasion.  



Want that premise-made look and taste with all the convenience of frozen, then choose to serve one of our homestyle products. Enjoy consistent year-round quality while reducing labor cost and product waste.



The most important meal of the day is complete with a great-tasting potato product from Cavendish Farms. We offer a wide variety of cuts and flavors to round out any morning menu in this fast growing segment. 


Sweet Potatoes

These orange flesh potatoes provide a healthier alternative to regular fries. They make an ideal signature dish with any meal, a great up-sell option, or can be served on their own with a dip. What ever way you choose, Cavendish Farm sweet potato fries are a great addition to your menu.  



These are fries that have been soaked in a salt solution during processing to create the perfect tasting French fry right out of the fryer. Quick and easy to prepare, brined products come loaded with taste and customer appeal.  



For enhanced flavor and crispiness, try one of our seasoned products. They take a traditional fry and layer on the perfect amount of seasoning. Many restaurants use a seasoned product as their signature fry.