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Looking for a specific brand of Cavendish Farms product? Explore and discover the various options each brand has to offer.
Cavendish Farms Brand Call Out

Cavendish Farms

At Cavendish Farms® we take pride in producing the best frozen potato products. We use only top quality potatoes from North America’s best growing regions, with time-tested processes to ensure culinary excellence, consistency and unbeatable taste every single day.

Clear Coat

Customers love golden fries with a real buttery taste and that’s exactly what Clear Coat delivers. Our proprietary recipe ensures these fries provide an unbeatable taste every time.
Dakotaskins Callout


With a hearty skin-on appearance, Dakota Skins look and taste like they just came from a country kitchen. This fry adds rustic appeal and delicious taste to any meal. 

Fine Coat Callout

Fine Coat

All the advantages of a traditional fry with the benefits of a coated fry. Its amazing invisible batter provides extended hold times and crispness while locking in the great potato flavor. 


Fresh Cut

For the authentic appearance and taste of premise-made potatoes with all the advantages of frozen, nothing beats Cavendish Farms Fresh Cut.

Jersey Shore

Cavendish Farms® has partnered with the Jersey Shore Fry Company to bring their quality products to establishments looking for a true signature product.

Prairie Select Callout

Prairie Select

Prairie Select frozen French fries are made from quality potatoes that are versatile enough to offer a great taste and an even better value.

Pub Fries - Callout

Pub Fries

Created with a pub audience in mind, these premium battered fries have a specially blended crisp coating that seals in taste while delivering an extra crunch.

Select Callout


Enjoy an extra-long fry that provides great plate coverage and cooks up to a wonderful golden colour. A perfect side for any dish, add these to your menu with confidence. 

Select Plus Callout

Select Plus

Extra long French fry strips that are enhanced with a salt brine to provide a great taste experience. The delicious flavor and appearance of these fries will guarantee repeat visits!


Sweet Cut

Made from sweet potatoes, these fries are lightly coated to lock-in the sweet taste and produce a crispy texture on the outside.