From traditional onion rings, to battered vegetables, to stuffed jalapeños and more, Cavendish Farms offers a full line of profit-boosting and customer-pleasing appetizers. All your favorites are here as well as some innovative ideas as well.  

Mozza Stick Callout


One of the most popular appetizer menu options, Cavendish Farms cheese sticks come in battered, breaded and flavored varieties. Whether it's mozzarella or cheddar, our cheese sticks cook up hot, tasty and delicious every time. 



Cavendish Farms onion rings are loaded with great taste and profit potential. Whether you choose battered or breaded, serve them as an appetizer, side dish or garnish, every one of our delicious onion rings deliver consistent taste and texture time after time.  



In addition to a typical fry, we offer unique potato appetizer options that help add excitement to your menu.  

Banana Peppers Callout


Make more on your everyday menu items by adding one of our premium toppings. Whether it’s a burger, steak, sandwich or salad, Cavendish Farms has a product to help you increase its visual and taste appeal. 

Jalapenos Callout


Cavendish Farms offers a complete line of battered and tempura coated vegetables that add extra options and appeal to any appetizer menu. As a garnish or ingredient, each is loaded with unbeatable taste and provides excellent profit potential.