When you add a coating or batter to a potato product you do two very important things; enhance crispiness and extend the length of time it stays hot and delicious. These are the ideal attributes if you want to reduce waste, increase profitability and satisfy your customers.  
Clear Coat Call Out

Clear Coat

Customers love golden fries with a real buttery taste and that’s exactly what Clear Coat delivers. Cavendish Farms® is a leader in clear-coat batter technology; our proprietary recipe offers the perfect blend of hold-time, crispness and unbeatable taste. 

Fine Coat Callout

Fine Coat™

All the advantages of a traditional fry with the benefits of a coated fry. Its amazing invisible batter provides extended hold-time and crispness while locking in great potato flavor. Extra-long in length, Fine Coat™ fries provide great plate coverage and more servings per case.
Flavour Crisp Updated


FlavourCrisp® offers the best of our seasoned and spicy options. Enjoy our unique seasonings offering consistent flavor and zesty taste every time.