By Cut

Lots of customers know the exact cut style they are looking for, but beyond that are unsure of the specific product that is right for them. We’ve sorted all our products by type to help make your decision that much easier. 


Straight Cut

The most popular cut style, straight cut fries provide an ideal combination of real potato taste, texture and profit potential. Available it many varieties, straight cut are suitable for any type of restaurant. 



These thin cut fries are often associated with fast food because they cook quickly and serve up hot and crispy. They provide excellent plate coverage and portions per pound. 


Crinkle Cut

With it’s distinctive look and shape, the crinkle cut provides additional surface area for enhanced crispness and flavour. A popular choice for restaurants of all types.  


Steak Cut

Thicker and loaded more potato taste, steak cut fries make the perfect companion with steak, and other premium menu items. A great substitution for a baked potato.  



An excellent alternative to fries, wedges provide great hold time and more real potato taste. Choose from a variety of thicknesses and flavor profiles, wedges from Cavendish Farms never disappoint.  


Diced & Hashbrowns

No breakfast is complete without a side of hashbrowns or diced potatoes. Available in various cut sizes and varieties, they cook up great on the grill in the fryer, or in a pan. Add some to your menu today.  

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Chips & Slices

For something different, choose chips or slices from Cavendish Farms. These thinly sliced potatoes make a great appetizer or can be a signature fry for your establishment.  


Formed Potatoes 

Great taste comes in many forms, including nuggets and patties from Cavendish Farms. Popular at breakfast, each has been specially formulated to deliver a crisp, delicious and welcome addition to a meal.