A glance at how we've grown

Our History


2012 will be remembered as a year of growth and environmental advances for Cavendish Farms:

In December 2012, the Company expanded to western Canada with the acquisition of a potato plant in Lethbridge, Alberta. This is our fourth potato processing plant in North America. Read more here.

The Grand Opening of the Cavendish Farms Head Office Expansion was celebrated in October 2012 at 100 Midland Drive in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada.

Cavendish Farms celebrated the official opening of its natural gas receiving station at a ceremony held at the New Annan, Prince Edward Island site in June 2012. The successful implementation of this leading-edge natural gas system generates thermal energy which fuels the company’s two potato processing plants in that province and eliminates the use of approximately 22 million liters of heavy fuel oil annually. Read more here.


June 2009 saw a vital new element of Cavendish Farms’ environmental action plan unveiled. The opening of our Biogas Facility in Prince Edward Island – the largest of its kind in North America and first in the potato industry - demonstrates our commitment to innovation, energy efficiency and waste reduction by allowing us to use solid waste material to produce energy. Read more here.

In July 2009, Cavendish Farms acquired the Appetizer division of Omstead Foods in Wheatley, Ontario, which included an outstanding line of golden onion rings, cheese sticks, tempura vegetables, stuffed jalapenos and seafood.

The “Cavendish Culinary Creation Center” officially opened its doors in September 2009 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. This center of excellence is dedicated to developing unique, customized, and profitable menu solutions for our customers.


In April, 2008, Cavendish Farms announced its partnership with Holland College in PEI, Canada for the construction of a Food Product Development Lab to become “Canada’s Smartest Kitchen” combining culinary arts with the science of food to create new and innovative food products. Visit the website: www.cavendishinnovation.ca

In 2008, the Company was also focused on building a renewable energy “biogas” plant in PEI, Canada that would reduce consumption of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas production.


2005 marked a very special year for Cavendish Farms – we celebrated 25 years of successful growth and record sales of 1 BILLION POUNDS of frozen potato products!

We were also the first frozen potato processing company to switch the preparation of all products to non-hydrogenated oil. This means that all Cavendish Farms products prepared in non-hydrogenated 100% vegetable oil are trans fat free.


The purchase of third plant in North Dakota makes Cavendish Farms the fourth largest potato processor in North America.


A second state-of-the-art potato processing facility is constructed in PEI, doubling our French fry production.


After several years of processing both vegetables and fruit for international markets, Cavendish Farms makes a strategic decision to focus exclusively on frozen potatoes with a vision to become “The Potato Specialists”.


Irving purchases C.M. McLean, a PEI-based frozen vegetable and French fry producer. An employee contest to re-name the company results in “Cavendish Farms”, named after the beautiful ‘Cavendish’ beach area of Prince Edward Island’s north shore.