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Get Grillin’ with Cavendish Farms® 


Think our fries are delicious when they’re fresh from the oven? Wait ‘til you try cooking them on the grill! Here are some BBQ inspired recipes that will help you enjoy your favourite Cavendish Farms potato products any time of year. And we’re not just talking lunch or dinner – potatoes fresh from the grill make a great breakfast addition! Get perfectly cooked Cavendish farms products on the grill with easy instructions. Click Here! 

CavenDishes that Sizzle
These recipes already have you firing up the BBQ – so why not add some fries to the grill while you’re at it?! Try out our grilling instructions the next time you cook up one of these sizzling CavenDishes:

Onion Ring Topped Jalapeno-Jack Stuffed Burger Call-Out Small
Onion Ring Topped Jalapeno-Jack Stuffed Burgers 

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Hash Brown Sirloin Sliders

Callout- Garlic Rosemary Wedges and BBQ Pork Back Ribs.jpg
Garlic Rosemary Wedges and BBQ Pork Back Ribs

Chicken and Potato Masala large.jpg
Grilled Chicken with Potato Masala

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Bacon Wrapped Sirloin and Potato Skewers

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Grilled Potato, Blue Cheese and Red Onion Salad