Real East Coast Donair

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Featuring Cavendish Farms® Claissic Straight Cut Fries

Donair Meat
1 lbground beef
1 tspsalt
1 tspflour
1 tspground oregano
½  tspgarlic powder
½ tsponion powder
½ tspItalian seasoning
½  tsppepper
¼  tspcayenne pepper
Donair Sauce
1½ cupsmilk
½ cup sugar
2 tspgarlic powder
6 tspwhite vinegar
For Serving 
4 cupsCavendish Farms Classic Straight Cut Fries
4pita bread, round


  1. Donair Meat
    1. In a mixing bowl, combine all spices together. Add to the ground beef a little at a time. Mix well.
    2. Pick the meat up and throw it down into a steel mixing bowl. Do this 20-30 times, kneading it after each time.
    Note: When throwing the meat, you need to throw it down with force.
    3. Form into a loaf and place on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350°F for 1 ¼ hours (75 minutes), turning half-way through. Let cool before cutting into slices.
    Note: For convenience, you can use pre-sliced donair meat, if desired.

    Donair Sauce
    1. Pour milk into a bowl.
    2. Add sugar and garlic powder. Mix together well. Slowly add the vinegar.
    3. Cover and refrigerate.

    Preparing the Donairs
    1. Heat the meat in a large non-stick skillet or frying pan until lightly crispy.
    2. Wet a pita and place it into a lightly oiled pan. Cook until it is soft on medium heat. Once this is done, take the donair sauce sauce and lightly coat the pita on one side.
    3. Place about 3 ounces of meat and a hand full of prepared Classic Straight Cut Fries on each pita. Pour more donair sauce over it. Add chopped onion & tomatoes and serve.

Serves: 4