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Nothing Beats a Cavendish Potato

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The delicious and traditional taste of our classic Cavendish Farms potatoes is what makes these a long-standing family favourite. Take a look at our variety of cuts and sizes.
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Deliciously crisp and perfectly seasoned, our FlavourCrisp products are made from carefully selected premium potatoes for a unique and savoury taste.
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Crispy, delicious and perfectly golden, our OvenCrisp products are made from carefully selected premium potatoes and are best enjoyed fresh from the oven.
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Restaurant Style
Bold restaurant inspired flavours make our Restaurant Style products anything but ordinary. Enjoy the restaurant experience at home in less time and with all of the flavour!
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Simply Homestyle
Our Simply Homestyle potatoes are fresh cut, lightly sprinkled with sea salt, low in fat and full of delicious real potato taste.
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Fresh Potatoes
Our Cavendish Farms® fresh potatoes are perfect for any meal, any time of day. Look for all our different varieties at your local grocery store and enjoy some today.